How to Install Android Studio All bundle pack?

Android Studio


Install Android Studio All Bundle pack

Android Studio is very power and high tech software. Android studio is use for creating and making of android application, static applications and dynamic application. Android studio is open source software to build any application by any person.

Android Studio Required Laptop Specifications
1) 8Gb Ram
2) At lest i5 processor

Install Android Studio
Step 1.

Click on Android Studio Software

Android Studio Image like this:-

Step 2

choose the file if you insatll Sdk or Android vertual device
At lest free the Space5gbfor installetion.

Step 3

In the step 3 Agree all licence of Android Studio and click on I Agreebutton.

Step 4

In the next step choose the file location, 1 is android stuido file location and other one is android sdk1 file location. After choose the location click on next button.

Step 5

After the choose the all steps android stuido starting extracting all files and starting intalling.

Next Image

Step 6

Extracting files

Complete Android Studio Step
Installetion is complete click on Finish button to start the Android studio.

Android Studio Is starting

Click on next botton

Step 7

choose the install type Choose always standard install, in Standard install settings and android studio files location automatically save standard mode.choose standard mode and click on next button.
show image below :-

choose install type

Final Step

Install and setup of all android studio is done, Now start Doing work on Android studio on new Project.

Install is done.

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